Saturday, May 2, 2009

Berlin- Check.. Praha- Check... Italy.

Not too much time on the internet but a quick update from my last leg. Berlin, the amazing capital city of Germany was awesome! The amount of history, the amazing cheap access to great sausages, the night life, the beautiful germans, and the beer were all amazing! I am extremely happy I did in fact make it to Germany, it went so well... with some funnnny stories that you should inquire about when I get home.

Praha- Prague was another amazing place. This city is unlike any other I have been too. So small, quaint, cobblestoneesque with a different demographic feel. The food here was extremley international and tasty as well. Prague was beauitful, lots of great night life, and just a great trip.

Nowww, I am in Rome, Italy. I am in Rome until Monday, then Cinqueterra until Wednesday, then Florence thurs-sun... thennnn home! Everything is flyinggg by which is very sad, but this trip is incredible and making my Barcelona to home transition much better (or maybe worse). Italy is awesome so far. The people, the langauge, the SITESSS, and of course the food. Things can only get better, what a Summer break thus far... see you back all in reality soon :(

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Almost time to check-out

So I leave tomorrow for my very last leg of my trip. School is over, the program is finished. I am heading to Berlin, Prague, then Italy until May 10th, then I will be coming back home. This is a very tough time, but hey, this has been the best experience of my life and all good things must come to an end. After this mighty final excursion, I will update you all about how it went.... plus I still need to inform you all about Greece and how spectacular that was!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Photo Shoot of the family trip.

One view from the top

Bro's and the Seine

Great French Dinner

Paris Bus Tour

Lyn and myself at La Sagrada Familia

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Bensmans do Barca (and Paris).

Sorrrrry for the long wait my friends! My family came to visit me for a while, and then I had my spring break trip to Greece. Now I am a officially back to reality (unfortunately) and ready to update you all.

So yes, March 20th, my family came to Barcelona. My two brothers, Bill and Cal, and my mom Lyn. The trip was sensational! I played tour guide in the beginning and showed them everything Barcelona has to offer through my eyes and recently attained tour guide skills. It was amazing having my family here, and I am certain that they in fact had a great time as well. We went non-stop day after day and it was a trip of a lifetime for all!

In the middle of the trip, we took a nice jaunt across the boarder to Paris. Paris was remarkable. Getting a break from Spanish food alone made it amazing, but really the trip was awesome! The combination of touring a foreign city with my family, seeing unbelievable sites, drinking amazing sparkling wine ETCCC the list goes on, was unforgettable. We saw nearly all of Paris. We all had an amazing time despite the weather being miserable- cold and rainy. Next time you hear the French are rude, smelly, stuck up... don't agree, because until you've been you truly do not know, the people were great!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Carnaval and Wine tasting!

Like every post I make these days, the theme is that it is hard to describe my events because words cannot paint a clear enough picture for how amazing these adventures are, nor can I write enough to even explain them. BUT, the week after London, two great events also took place, and since I am finally recovered from it all, I know will tell you about them. The Tuesday after returning from London, all of Barcelona picked up and went to a small beach town 30 minutes south of BCN, called Sitges. Here at Sitges, a giant festival/celebration took place: Carnaval! The streets were flooded with people, and what made it even more special was that it was also on the beach! The celebration is basically a combination of Halloween/Mardi Gras because there is a giant parade, lots of partying, and everyone is dressed in costumes. This was one of the craziest celebrations I have ever experienced, and definatley a site to see when in Europe.
Later in the week, our program took us on a day excursion to Penedes, Spain for a wine tasting and tour. This again was awesome! We arrived at a vineyard, got a tour where we saw different parts of the vineyard from the grape plants, to the underground barrles, to the bottling section. Then we watched a video explanation of the history of Torres wine, and finally we began a tasting of 4 differnt wines. I personally learned so much from this experience because myself and a few others took advantage of the lady's expertise and asked her question after question about wine. Slowly but surely my skills are picking up in the Vino World!! But yes, anyways, it was extremeley cool to be on the a vineyard and be exposed to so much great tasting and information about such a strong aspect of Europen lifestyle, wine. I am glad we are all caught up, and I apologize for any delay, but life does not slow down when in Barcelonaaaa, so stay tuned, because I am sure some more exciting adventures are not too far away!

PS- if my English seems to be getting worse, it is because I am living in SPAIN, I apologize but please understand :).
Picadilly Circus and a Sad Sunday Farewell!!!!

Abiding the law on Jordan's Birthday, what else?

Just deciding which shades to buy at Harrods.

More market.

Some foooood at the market.

The Camden Market!

A Pub we enjoyed.

The old Roman Tower.

Tower Bridge.

Another Angle + London Eye.

New Angle + Dusk!

The crew at Big Ben/Parliment.

Myself and the birthday boy at the Palace.

Pubbb Life!

Yours truly at Hyde Park!

My host and I enjoying the first night!

Living London, for a longggg weekend!

So I traveled to London, not this past weekend, but the one before. It was my good friend Jordan's golden 21st birthday weekend, and lets just say, everything about the weekend was perfect. Despite losing a friend in Madrid while connecting to a new flight, and Jordan nearly losing his bag in Heathrow Airport, the first leg of the trip was great. We went Thursday the 19th- to Sunday the 22nd. Upon arriving in amazing LondonTown, we met our good friend from school, and immediately went and grabbed our first Pint at a Pub. After a pint, or maybe a few, we grabbed some Fish n Chips, and then finally got to our buddies amazing flat at Primrose Hill . From that point on, we did London like no one could imagine. We woke up Friday, did a walking tour throughout the entire city for 7 hours touching tons of sites, ranging from Hyde and Green park, To Buckingham Palace, to Big Ben, the London Eye, and both the London Bridge, Tower Bridge, and the old Roman Tower. These were just a few of the breathtaking sites we saw! Then, after the tour, we proceeded to another pub for the night where we enjoyed Pints of various beers fresh on Tap all night and of course the presence of one another. It was AMAZING! London has an incredible vibe, and somehow, we had a sun-filled weekend which is not common at all. Then Saturday came around, and we woke up at went to an amazing outdoor open public market, called the Camden Market. At this market one could shop at outdoor sites, or eat any type of authentic international cuisine they pleased. We all tried a little bit of everything, ranging from Mexican, to Chinese, to deserts, and some fresh squeezed OJ, and it was great. Continuing on with Saturday, lets not forget today was the golden birthday of our buddy Jordan, so we were truly having an amazing day! We did more and more walking and sponging in of London, then at night time, we went to Picadilly Circus for a bar/club in a very crazy but cool area of the city, and we had a blast! Each day got better and better, and London kept feeling more and more amazing. It was sad to see Sunday come after such an amazing weekend in London, but between the birthday weekend being present, us seeing the entire city, eating great food and having amazing beer (pub life=awesome), or simply hearing English, London blew me away and I truly had the time of my life. London has it all, it is a big city, but with tons of culture and so much appeal that I could definatley see myself lodging there for longer than a weekend! Adios all!!